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Coffee Pod Drawer Holder

Coffee Pod Drawer Holder

    The Coffee Pod Drawer Holder is a wire-framed drawer with a rubberized top that is designed to fit under your Keurig coffee maker in order to store your K-Cups right where you need them without taking up a lot of counter space.  Its black and silver design will nicely complement your Keurig and look like it belongs with it.  You should make sure that you have a few extra inches of height if this is going to go under an upper cabinet, as it does add just over three inches to the total height of your coffee maker.  If that would make your coffee maker too tall, consider putting the Coffee Pod Holder under another nearby appliance.

    Wherever you put it, this drawer will keep all your favorite K-Cups at your fingertips.  It has room for thirty-six K-Cups, which is more than most K-Cup holders, and the rubberized surface will absorb vibrations and keep your Keurig from slipping around on the countertop.  On top of that, the rubberized surface is extremely easy to wipe clean, and is even waterproof, which protects your K-Cups from spills, brewing mishaps, and other accidents.  Of course, using this type of Coffee Pod Holder means that you can not put anything in front of the drawer, since it needs room to open, but it still takes up less space than many other K-Cup holders, since it is using the same space in which you had already placed your Keurig.

    To install the Coffee Pod Drawer Holder you simply need to move your Keurig out of the way, set the drawer on the countertop, and put the Keurig back on top of it.  Then all you have to do is decide how to arrange your K-Cups.  One of the nice things about this drawer is that because it is divided into rows instead of individual slots, you can fill each row with six of the same type of K-Cup, so that you will have six different types of K-Cups stored in it, or can have multiple rows of the same kind.  Some K-Cup holders seem designed to hold a large variety of K-Cups or a large number of only one flavor, but this drawer can be used either way.  The Coffee Pod Holder is extremely sturdy and will hold up for years of daily use, and it opens far enough that you can reach even the last row easily.

    If you are looking for a way to keep your K-Cups on the counter where they are easy to access, but do not have a lot of extra counter space, this may be the perfect solution for your kitchen or office.